Monday, November 7, 2011

Stay At Home Moms can Make your life easier! Shop a Crafty Mom!

Some Crafty Moms make great things but they also use their business to get good prices on boutique items.  They then pass on those savings to you.  Because they are not a "brick and mortar" business they do not have the large overhead costs that a local boutique would have so you will find great savings with our Crafty Moms.

Squishy Scrapbooks is a Mud Pie dealer and offers many great deals on the line she has in stock.  She also can make a Non Crafty Moms life easier by designing Scrapbook sheets digitally for you.  I know that I always overdo when trying to put a scrapbook together.  Just let her know your theme and see what she can do for you.  At Squishy Scrapbooks you will also find Handmade bows, tutus, etc....Become a fan today!
Digital Scrapbook Design

One of our New Crafty Moms, This and That Boutique is busy with her girls but is finding time to spread her crafty talents to her facebook and etsy fans.  She makes gorgeous applique' creations.  They are unique and you will not find her designs on any store shelf.  She also makes the most gorgeous bib that will get all the ooooohs and ahhhhhhs when your out and about with that little drooler.

A great Hard Working Crafty Mom, who also helps keep our Fan Page running is ShelleBelle216.  I am the biggest fan of her fabric flowers and would love to have 2 of each.  She does quality work everytime.  On her fan page (and etsy) you will find Woven Headbands, Crochet hats and Headbands, Her NEW fabric Headbands and Do-Dad Bags that will make great gifts for teens, Keychains, fleece hats, and EReader covers that you can customize.  WOW is what you will say when you see all the great things this mom makes while going to college and homeschooling 2 kids.  Let her spoil you with her Crafty Mom Made items today.

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