Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tis the Season for Cards and Gifts!

At Crafty Moms'R'us we hope to help you find great Mom Based businesses for you to shop!
There is a whole world of Fan pages offering great deals and we want to make Crafty Moms'R'us the one stop shop!

At Designs on Demand and Un-Edible Cakes you will of Course find Magnificent Diaper Shower cakes.  You will also find something that everyone needs some time during the year.  She disigns Digital Invitations and Announcements.  They are approved by you, printed, and shipped.  So easy!  Great for Birthdays, Weddings, Birth Announcements, etc....  Right now is the time to start working with her to design great UNIQUE Christmas/Holiday Cards!

We have a great Business on our page if your looking for a great gift.  At Creations by Vicki you will find great items you can personalize for parties or weddings everyday.  From A great Haute-Couture Apron to the Dr. Seuss baby Collection.  She has it all.  Personalize a Houndstooth Lunchbag for Mom or Monogramm a tote for Grandma.  There is something for everyone on her page.  Most items are ready to ship so you know they will get to you in time for the holidays.  Other items you will find are: Religous favors, Organic baby gifts, personalized candy, Murano Art Deco Collection,  and much much more!

Have you tried SCENTSY products yet?  You are really missing out on a great item.  These are so much better than any knock off you find in department stores right now.  I am a believer!  These make the best gifts for anyone!  Even teens love to have a great smelling room to coop themselves up in.  They have a warmer and scent for everymonth but always offer the favorites.  Some warmers can even be personalized with great stickers they offer.  They have 3 different sizes to choose from and its a gift that will last.  Don't get them something they wish they could return this year!  Get them a Scentsy Warmer they will want to use as soon as they unwrap.  Let Perfect Scents by Angi help you choose the perfect one. 

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